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Katherine Morrill (Newnan, GA)

Whoever is responsible for this idea has a special place reserved for them in heaven.  I ordered two bottle slings for my twin boys.  I didn't start using them until the boys were about two to three weeks old.  I was breastfeeding and supplementing with formula and could only do one at a time comfortably.  It would take me three hours to feed, only for them to go to sleep and wake up in an hour to start the whole process over again.

I was only able to take 30 minute naps here and there.  To add to that, I have a toddler who was only 21 months old when the twins were born.  My poor little guy couldn't understand why I couldn't hold him much anymore and why I wasn't as playful with him as I used to be.  The laundry was a foot deep in the laundry room!  There were things beginning to take root in the carpet and my feet were practically sticking to the wood floors from the spilt formula, etc!  And the house looked great compared to how I looked (My poor husband).

When I began using the bottle sling, it's like my whole world came back to me.  I could feed the boys simultaneously and they actually seemed to take the bottle better and faster with the bottle sling.  Sitting in their carriers holds them at the perfect angle, too.  I can relax now with my one-on-one time with one baby while the other baby is "hooked up" as my husband and I jokingly call it.  Now, I can spend the much needed time with my toddler and he can even get involved more with the babies feeding (with mom's close supervision, obviously!)  It cut my feeding time from three hours to about 45 minutes.  The babies were more content because they were satisfied and because mommy wasn't a stressed out lunatic anymore.  If they're both "hooked up", I am free to fold clothes, etc. while I am right there with the boys watching them. 

I have suggested this bottle sling to so many people.  I also plan on buying these for my friends whenever they have babies.  It's a must-have for any mom, but it's a WAY OF LIFE for moms of multiples!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Katherine Morrill - Mother of Grayson & Gavin, 3 months old, and Colton, 2.


Joyce Lahmidi (Long Valley, NJ) 

Hello! I am Joyce Lahmidi, Khalid's wife and Mommy to Sarah and Leila. We purchased your product because it was so difficult to feed twins and feeding time became very stressful. I can say with all sincerity that your product changed my life.

I used to be exhausted after each feeding because I had to hold two bottles at once and then interrupt one twin when the other needed attention, burping or consoling. It was impossible to make them wait to feed them separately, although that did happen sometimes. But more often than not they were hungry at the same time and now it is so easy to get them fed. They are happier and can eat at their own pace, taking breaks when they want and not feeling rushed. I can pick one up while the other one continues her meal. And now they are starting to reach out and try to hold the bottle on their own. Also, they can sit on their own and relax in the carseat instead of being balanced on laps which is impossible to do with two.

If anyone tries to say that you don't foster a bond with your children by not holding them and feeding them it is not true. I am more relaxed and can give them more attention. Often they reach out with their hands and hold on to me and I can communicate with them both, talk to them or sing little songs. They often smile from behind the bottle at me and we definitely interact better because of the bottlesling. Thanks for creating a wonderful tool for Mommies in general, but especially for Mothers of multiples. 

Sincerely, Joyce Lahmidi


Laura Toperczer (Ontario, Canada)

I loved the Bebe Bottle Sling. I have three children - a toddler and twin infants - the slings were a true lifesaver! I didnt have extra hands to feed the twins and the sling was effective, easy to use, and travelled well. My friends and family were very impressed with it too. I tell everyone about it and highly reccommend it. In fact, I think it is some that any mother of mulitples should have as a basic necessity to "survive" the first 6 months!!!!! I would love to see the sling in local retail stores so everyone could have access to a very affordable product and more importantly avoid any needless stress and anxiety faced by a new mother in those early days and weeks. The sling was like the "helpful" nanny!

Thanks again for a wonderful product. 


Wendy Mollo (Redbank, New Jersey)

I LOOOOOOOOOVE the bottle sling. I nursed my son, exclusively, for the first three months of his life. Due to various allergies, and my unwillingness to compromise my diet any further, I had to stop. I did not realize how convenient nursing was until I couldn't do it anymore. Losing the ability to be "hands free" was unimaginable to me. That is when I jumped on the internet to find anything that I could to make bottle feeding easier. I was thrilled when I came across the Bottle Sling and used it religiously! People stop me in the mall, the grocery store, the park, everywhere! to ask me questions about it and how to get one for their kids! Now I buy the four pack and give it as my standard baby shower gift to any pregnant ladies. What a life saver this has been for me, especially when my colic son wanted to be fed, but not held (go figure!) I'm due again in May and I can't wait to use it with baby number two.

Thank you for creating such an innovative and effective product!


Debbie Burtnick-Spencer (Waldorf, MD)

The Bebe Bottle Sling has been life altering! I run a home daycare and often times, my littlest daycare baby needs to eat at otherwise inopportune times. Mainly, when I have to do the bus stop run. It is so convenient to put her in the stroller and use the sling and she can eat til she's content while we walk up there. Previously, I had to balance pushing the stroller, holding her bottle, and walking two 4 year olds, and my twin 2 year olds at the same time! Needless to say, she usually had to scream til we got there and I could feed her. I only wish I'd come across this product when my twins were babies!!!


Judy Ware (Cass City, MI)

Hi, I am the grandma here of twins and let me tell you this bottle sling has been a lifesaver for Mom especially when they both want to eat at the same time so needless to say it has worked well for us am thinking with summer coming will have to order another one since hopefully we will be able to travel with them . Thank You and let us know if you have other products we might use for the twins. 


Jeff Lawless (Rancho Cucamonga, CA)

I think the bottlesling is great, I wish I would have thought of it. It makes feeding our little girl very easy when we are out and about. One added benefit I have found is that when she spits the bottle out, our daughter will reach out and easily grab it to put it back in her mouth almost like a game at times.

Since we have twins on the way I am going to be ordering a couple more of the slings, because they will come in real handy.

Michelle Safahi (San Juan Capistrano, CA)

Hi Cherie, This is Michelle Safahi and I ordered 3 of the easy-feeders and so far I think they are great. I have even referred the product to others.

Thanks, Michelle Lakin

Carroll Touchton (Kelso, TN)

Cherie- Just wanted to provide you with some feedback about your product. My order was for my son and his wife and our first little grandchild. Since receiving your product, Alison has called me twice to tell me how much she likes it. First she took it to the sitter and showed her how to use it with Morgin. The sitter has Morgin (our 2 month old grandson) and a little girl the same age. One day last week they both wanted to eat at the same time so she used it to feed Morgin while holding the little girl to feed her. Everyone was happy! When the little girl's Mom came that evening and saw it she wanted to know right away where to get one for herself. A few days later Alison took Morgin shopping at the mall. He was eating while she pushed him in his stroller using your bottle sling to hold his bottle. Everyone stopped her to ask what it was and where she got it!

Patrina McCoy (Gilbert, AZ)

Once my baby got a little bigger, it worked great. He was so tiny for so long, that the bottle couldn't quite reach his mouth. I also purchased 2 for a girlfriend of mine that has twins, and she has since passed on the information to other mothers of multiples. She said that since she received it, she was actually able to take a little longer shower, knowing that her babies were occupied! My baby is now 7 months old, and I am still using it. I get stopped a lot from other mothers wanting to know where I got the sling. Thanks for a great product!

Susan Spellmeyer (St. Louis, MO)

HI, I just wanted to let you know we use our sling everyday and it has been a great help.

Thank You, Susan Spellmeyer

Cindy Baw (Sylmar, CA)

Hi there! Yaahhh, I finally got it yesterday. We used it last night. My daughter and I really enjoyed it. It's a great product with supervision. You should have a contract with all the baby stores. It's very useful. Thank you for my package. I'll keep my eyes open for the 1st one. Hopefully, someone will forward it to me. I will tell my friends about your web site.



Stacy Asbell (Cherry Hill, NJ)

Bought a bottle sling about a month ago and love it. (Stacy purchased one bottle sling on 3/19/04. She liked it so much she sent us this message when she ordered 2 more for her babies on 4/12/04.)

Robert Taylor (Marblehead, MA)

I am the proud parent of triplets, ggb. My wife purchased one of these as a test, they really work!!! (Robert purchased one bottle sling on 4/4/04. He and his wife liked it so much he sent us this message when he ordered 3 more for his babies on 4/12/04.)

Donna Valenti (Roslyn, NY)

Donna was so impressed with the product she asked us if she could invest in the company. Since she bought her first one on 8/8/2003, Donna has reordered a total of 6 more slings on three different occasions. 


Michelle Crawford (Southborough, MA)

We had twins back in November (and a two year old!) and the bottle sling was wonderful for those moments (which early on are often) when both babies would get hungry. I both breast and bottle fed so while I breastfeed one baby I would put the other in his/her carseat and they would also get to eat. Without the bottle sling I would try to feed the baby with one hand while breastfeeding the other or one baby would just have to cry until I was done feeding the other. It was a nightmare. The bottlesling really was a lifesaver for those early days.



Veronica Carrillo (Mexico)

Hola from Mexico ,

I received your product  as a gift from a friend in the US  as I had twins it has been extremely helpful a lot of people has been asking me where did I get them so I was thinking is there any distribution opportunity for Mexico and Latin America for your product as I am interested in it as in this Region lately a lot of twins and triplets have been born and really your product is a miracle ! EXTREMELY HELPFUL ! and I will love to share the benefits .



Dina Stark  (West Babylon, NY)

I just had to take a moment to let you know of my experience with the bottle sling. I purchased 2 bottle slings a couple of weeks ago for my twins and I can truly say that this item has changed my life! Before I purchased this item, the feedings that I had no help with were a nightmare! I would try propping them with burp cloths and blankets, but the bottles needed to be repropped dozens of times throughout the feedings. Now with the bottle sling I can burp one baby while the other is still feeding and they don't have to wait for each other to be burped or re-propped. If they move and the bottle comes out of their mouth with the bottle sling, I can get it back in their mouth one handed. I used to try to feed them separately to avoid the stressful feedings, which was very time consuming. Now they can eat at the same time with the bottle sling, and saving time is a HUGE blessing with twins. I would definitely recommend this ingenious product to anyone with multiples.
-Dina Stark, West Babylon, NY
mom to twins, Jack and Justin, 3 months old and Daniel, 3 years old
and wife to Dan


Evelyn Borgono  (NJ)

Dear Ms. Alexander,

 I LOVE it! Now, I can cook dinner and do some chores around the house! YIPPPEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!

 My son is 4 months old and I LOVE him but he won't let me do things....:-(

Anyway, he tries to hold his bottle and when he's done, he just pushes the nipple out of his mouth. I am using Playtex Disposable bottles with the silicone crosscut nipples so his milk doesn't leak. This is an AWESOME product! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! 

Deliriously happy in Jersey, 

Evelyn Borgono   :D


Heather Zoutte (Paso Robles , CA)

Great product! I ordered one last month for my twins.  It's a great help when both my little munchkins need to be fed at the same time.  A friend of mine just gave birth to twins (something in the water here) - I hope she'll find these as useful as I do.


Deborah Summers


I just wanted to let you know how great your product is!  Everywhere I go I get people asking where I bought the bottle sling.  I always refer them to your website.  My baby just turned 7 months and we are still using it, although I think it will retire soon and then I'll send it to me friend in CO for her to use with her newborn.


Deborah Summers


Joanne Turminelli

My name is Joanne from New Jersey. I just want to thank you for making such a great product. I wish that I would have thought of it, because it is brilliant.  I am a mother of twin boys and the sling saved my life.  I have my boys on the same feeding schedule so the bottle sling helped me a great deal.  I recommend your product to everyone. Easy to use and cleans well  and it is also great for traveling.  Thanks for making my life easier.

Best Of Luck,

Joanne Turminelli


Toby and Deanna King (Vancouver, CANADA)

We live in Vancouver Canada and just had twin boys. I was trying to configure something like your invention for my wife to use when feeding the twins and still entertaining our 2 ½ year old daughter. Then Deanna told me she had bought something and when it came, I was impressed.  We just recently went on a road trip and used them on the roadside, allowing us to mainly focus on our daughter while your slings did their things. We will send some videos soon ( yes before July 27 )and I would just like to say thank you for creating this before I had to because there is nothing like this in Vancouver and my wife needed the extra hand you gave her. 

With many moments of hands free time thanks to you. 

Toby and Deanna King


Angie Gustason (Scottsdale, AZ)

Hi Cherie,

I purchased the monkey sling for my sister in law from GA!  She loves it and has people ask her about it all the time.  If you haven't already done so, I would recommend putting your web address on the tag or back just so others can see it an order.  You know as well as anyone, word of mouth is the BEST  : )  Great product!  By the way, I will be ordering two more for my friend who just had twins! 

Thank you for you great invention! 

Angie Gustason


Lynn O. (Providence, RI)

The bottle sling got me and my babies a lot of attention. I kept telling everyone that asked me about it where to go to get it. I loved the sling. Although they have both outgrown it, I am saving it for a friend who is trying to have a baby. I loved it. It is such a help to have. It really does free you up to be able to feed your baby and get things done at the same time. It was wonderful during long trips to our summer home. We didn't have to do the rest stops to stop and feed the baby. It was taken care of. Great product
 Good Luck 


Tracey Aung

I have pictures I took but no video!  My baby is 14 months now!  But I passed it down to my friend so I forwarded your email to her!  I LOVED it so much and EVERYWHERE I went people stopped me and asked where I got it!!!  I gave them your website!  They said they never saw anything like it and needed something like that!  At the time my son used it I had a 3 year old too, so it was so helpful when I was trying to get her ready or was out running errands!  Also, I am the Kids Director or my church (my husband is the Worship Pastor).  We both have to be at church VERY early on Sunday mornings and it came in SO handy to feed the baby while I was setting up at church!  So thank you for your invention!!!  


E. A. Jordan

Hello I am a mother of a 3 year old and a 1 year. I have used your bottle sling numerous times for my youngest. I used to use it when the dishes needed done and it just happen to be when he decided to feed. I had also had to use it when my then 2 yr old wanted to play and not let me feed Connor. It has helped me out alot and I have told other mothers what a wonderful invention it was and recommended they get one.


E. A. Jordan


Nancy Chestnut (San Ramon, CA)

Hi there I am a mom of a 3 month old and I use your bottle sling every day! It has really been a life-saver as I have a busy 3 year old also.  I feel like I should be a sales rep for you guys bc every day at least one or two people ask me where I got it and what a great invention it is and all I can do is agree and say yes it is a must have!!!

Thank You!

Nancy Chestnut


Kim McChesney

 Hi - I recently purchased your bebe bottle sling and I have gotten a lot of good use out of it.  It's the first "bottle prop" I've purchased that has actually worked the way it was intended.  I have twins and one is formula fed, the other breastfed.  It has been very difficult up until now when they both asked to eat at the same time.  Thank you!


Jessica Miller

Hi there... I just purchased my bottle sling about 2wks ago and I love it!!!  It has been a lifesaver. I have a 3yr old daughter and a 2mo old son. There has been plenty of times that he wants fed while we are eating and that can be difficult and the bottle sling has helped tremedously with that. Also, it never fails he is hungry when I am trying to do laundry, giving my daughter a bath or doing dishes and this has given me the extra little bit of time that I need to get those things done. I am so glad that I purchased this and will definitely recommend it to other moms. 

Thanks again for a great product!!!


Karen Saulat

Let me just tell you....this is the greatest thing ever invented!  I bought the bottle sling when my son was 2 months old. We used it like crazy. It came in handy when he was hungry in the car, when he was hungry when I was trying to get ready for work, and when he was hungry when I was hungry. I did not however, use it a replacement form of feeding. I only used it when it was necessary.

When in public, I got nothing but positive responses. Nobody had ever seen anything like it before. I was continually asked where I bought it. I am positive that if it were sold in stores you would sell a ton of them. To be honest, I would have paid more than $19.99 for the convenience of this product. 

I am however jealous that it has been redesigned and I no longer require one. I love the way it looks.

Thank you for your product.

Best of luck.


Christina Hiles

I purchased two of these bottle slings shortly after my twins were born and they saved my life! Before I owned them, I basically scheduled everything I did around feeding time. The bottle sling allowed me to feed the babies on the go; therefore making my life alot less complicated. I really hesitated to leave the house before because it was hard to have two happy babies while shopping. The twins loved shopping with the sling; they were always content to eat while I shopped peacefully.  Everywhere I went people were interested in the slings. I even wrote down the website a couple times so people could buy them for gifts for baby showers. My husband and I took the twins out quite a bit with the bottle slings and comments were made each and every time. I really believe that this item would sell in the store quite well based on the public’s feedback about mine. I imagine everyone who owned a sling had the same reaction when they were out.


Thank you!  I have a set for my twins already.  It's a wonderful product and has made our lives so much easier! The bottle sling and the Boon highchair are our two favorite baby gear items!  And we tell everyone!  Everywhere I go, people always comment on it!  I don't know why you don't have your product in all the baby stores! 




Hi Cherie -
I am writing to thank you for the bottle slings that I recently ordered. I ordered 3 red bottle slings for my triplets and you kindly upgraded my order to the newer monkey style, at no additional cost, because your inventory was low. We love them - thank you!
I am a new stay at home mom to 3 month old triplets and the bottle slings have been incredibly helpful.  It was so hard to have one baby cry while I was feeding another -- now all three can eat at the same time at their own pace w/o feeling rushed. It has also significantly cut down the time it takes to feed all 3 babies in the middle of the night -- this is a sanity saver especially when you are exhausted.  The slings are very easy to use and I like the fact that the babies are able to eat in the upright position rather than lying down. The other bottle propping products on the market never would have worked w/ my babies -- they wiggle too much!
My husband and family love the idea and I have been recommending your product to other moms of multiples. Genius!!! 
Thank you again -- this is a great product!
Bridget Warnat


Hi Cheri, I recently learned about the bottle sling when I ran into one of my husband’s coworkers who had twins.  When I saw her pushing the stroller with the bottle slings attached I was amazed.  I went home and immediately ordered one for my 6 month old son.  It was exactly what I needed.  I LOVE IT!! He loves it too.  I get so many questions about it when I use it while shopping.  Every mom that sees it says the same thing, "I wish I had one of those when my kids were little."  It's an amazing invention.  I just bought 4 more to give as shower gifts.  My friends and I are going to be the bottlesling brigade!  I just can't stop singing the praises of the bottlesling.
Thanks for the great invention!

Patti Womble


Just wanted to share this with you! We love your product! It did take a little time for them to learn to use them, but it was worth it! It makes feeding them a lot easier!
Triplet Momma, Cassandra Aaron


We have twin boys who are DONE crying while waiting for the other brother to eat. The bottle slings are a great option! My favorite thing about them is the new sense of freedom... they are PERFECT to use at the mall or a family friendly restaurant. Having twins gets you lots of attention and affection from onlookers ... but now the slings are the attention getters.

I ordered two when I had carpal tunnel surgery and was panicked about my recovery time. Great lifesavers! They are clever and easy to use.  At first the boys had to practice adjusting to the flow. We started using them at 6 months and they are now seven months. The angle is perfect now and the novelty of playing with it has worn off and they are using their hands to control it! Great practice! I also love that they are so easy to pack and keep clean.

Laurie Perdue


Thank you Cherie for updating me on the bottle sling upgrades. It looks fabulous! The bottle sling has helped my husband and I tremendously. As parents of twin daughters who usually happen to be hungry at the same time, the sling has proven to not only be a time saver but a sanity saver time and time again. I am always out and about and I constantly get asked where and how to buy the sling. When the new design is available, I will definitely be purchasing more. I plan to buy one for every baby shower I go to.


Deborah Mulford



 I love your bottle slings. We have twins and they were a life saver with feeds ever 3-4 hours. 

Jason Bradt